Digital Platform to Analyze Individual Immune Cells

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been reminded every day how lucky we are to have an immune system. Our knowledge of the immune system meant several different companies could quickly develop new vaccines and therapeutics to combat this deadly pandemic. However, our immune system is extremely complex and difficult to study.

To make it easier to develop new drugs, TechBio company CellChorus has built a proprietary platform to identify and analyze individual immune cells. Their Time‑lapse Imaging Microscopy in Nanowell Grids (TIMING™) platform leverages neural network-based detection to identify immune cells and visually track how cells move and interact in real time. CellChorus also integrates data from assays such as flow cytometry or single-cell sequencing to provide a comprehensive analysis of cell function, movement, and cell-cell interactions. The TIMING platform allows CellChorus to conduct thousands of high-throughput experiments in parallel and at single cell resolution for their biopharmaceutical customers.

The Challenge

CellChorus wanted to set up as an efficient, scalable TechBio company from Day 1. They wanted to standardize their workflows, manage customer samples and data, and integrate their operations, inventory, and data management.

The Solution

CellChorus chose Scispot because we offer a complete, integrated, and fully customizable tech stack for biotech companies. CellChorus uses Scispot to plan, design, and standardize their varied research workflows, ranging from AI to molecular biology. 

Scispot's developer toolkit is the perfect tool for computational research labs

CellChorus also uses Scispot to manage samples with full traceability of sample usage and storage conditions/locations. They set up an automated inventory manager to track and fulfill their daily lab needs through Scispot. 

Scispot's inventory management is one of its top features for modern biotech laboratories

With Scispot, CellChorus also manage their documentation and created a library to store all of their protocols in the form of templates and current versions.

“We’ve been a digital biotech from the start and we adopted Scispot pico on Day 1. Scispot allows us to scale our operations rapidly to serve more researchers and developers of novel therapies to improve patient care." Daniel Meyer, CEO of CellChorus
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