Top 8 Innovative Life Science Startups in Mexico

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Top 8 Innovative Life Science Startups in Mexico

Mexico is the fifth most biodiverse region in the world and has observed an increasing focus on life science research in recent years.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), "Mexico is Latin America's second-largest market for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (after Brazil). Large pharmaceutical companies are located in Mexico, which has positioned the country as one of the main manufacturing centers worldwide. Currently, 20 of the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have operations in Mexico."

With a rich life science ecosystem, the country has seen an emergence of life science startups. Our research suggests that about 200 biotech companies develop or use biotechnology in Mexico with a wide range of commercial focus, from human health and plant health to food science and environmental science.

Below is a list of top 8 innovative life science picked by the Scispot team:


Located in Mexico City, Eva provides painless, private, and non-invasive breast cancer screening in under 10 minutes using infrared technology. Their state-of-the-art PACS (picture archiving and communication system) can load and view images in less than 10 seconds, allows voice dictation for note-taking, and can easily be accessed from any device.

Micro Meat

Located in Monterrey, Micro Meat is Mexico’s first cultivated meat startup. It creates technologies for scaling up cultured and clean meat production and bringing these cultivated meat products to the market faster. It uses Scispot to manage its research and operational workflows. Check this exclusive interview with Anne Sophie Mertgen, Founder & CEO of Micro Meat, as she shares her inspirational journey and innovative approach to solving the biggest challenges in the cultivated meat industry.


Located in Monterrey, Delee designs high-precision equipment for microfluidics research and an oncology platform that can be used for early cancer detection and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment. The oncology platform finds and collects viable tumor cells from patient blood samples, giving the doctors more information to make more personalized decisions for each patient.


Located in Jalisco, Unima has developed a low-cost diagnostic and surveillance technology for treating diseases. The company's technology uses big data algorithms to allow doctors, nurses, and health care workers to easily diagnose diseases in a few minutes without using any lab equipment.


Located in Guanajuato, microTERRA develops nutritional ingredients for the plant-based food industry using an aquatic plant called lemna. The lemna is grown affordably and sustainably in existing aquaculture infrastructure. The nutritional ingredients are produced with no added taste or color, providing customers with an organic texture experience.


Located in Jalisco, Microendo creates customized bio-fertilizers by utilizing the microbiota present in their customer's plants after understanding their needs. The tailored biofertilizers are organic, custom to each crop, and naturally, help increase the crop yield and crop health.

Bink Bionanotechnologies

Located in Mexico city, Bink develops biodegradable dyes for manufactured products in the textile industry. The dyes are environmentally friendly and are meant to replace dyes currently used in the textile industry that are contributing up to 20% of the world's water pollution


Located in Chihuahua, SaveFruit develops technology that delays the softening of fruits, maintains their firmness, and protects against bacterial and fungal infections.

Lab Management Software for Innovative Biotech Startups Worldwide:

Scispot has become the primary lab management software of choice for numerous innovative biotech startups worldwide.

Scispot creates a connected digital replica of these innovative biotech companies. It centralizes their company-wide data, templatizes routine research and automates non-scientific tasks. It makes other lab software such as electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and lab information management systems (LIMS) redundant.

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