Top 5 World-Renowned Mini Pig Providers

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Top 5 World-Renowned Mini Pig Providers

Mini pig animal models are quickly becoming the model of choice in many pharmaceutical development programs due to their physiological similarities in humans (cardiovascular, digestive, and urinary systems). These are also readily available and experience fewer adverse reactions to testing compounds than other large animal models.  Regulatory authorities now accept the mini pig as a suitable substitute to rodent models in various efficacy and safety evaluation studies.

Scroll down and pig out on info about some of the top mini pig providers in the world!

Sinclair Research

Located in Missouri, US, Sinclair Research offers IND enabling toxicology services and research capabilities to pharma, animal health, and medical device companies. It also offers four breeds of miniature swine, including Sinclair™, Hanford™, Yucatan™, and Micro-Yucatan™, to its clients for their research. These animals are delivered to the clients in AAALAC-accredited transportation services to ensure safety and compliance.

Charles River Laboratories

Located worldwide, Charles River utilizes several mini pig strains (most commonly Göttingen Minipigs®) to conduct various studies like Teratology, Toxicokinetic (ADME), Wound healing, and Juvenile studies in a GLP-compliant facility. They also offer their clients expert consultation services to help them plan their research from start to finish.

Marshall BioResources

Located worldwide, Marshall BioResources is the exclusive supplier of Göttingen Minipigs® in North America. This breed of miniature pig has significantly contributed to our understanding of diseases and new therapies. The animals are shipped in custom vehicles with separate compartments complete with HVAC and separate HEPA filtration systems to transport the animals safely.

Premier BioSource

Located in Indiana, US, Premier BioSource specializes in the production of domestic pigs and yucatan minipigs for biomedical research. The yucatan mini pigs serve as a superior chronic model because of their docile temperament, trainability, and hardiness. 


Located in Barcelona, Spain, Specipig offers specialized services using pig models. Specipig's breeds their own animals and offers research services in their facilities that are well-equipped, GLP certified, and fully compliant with the guidelines issued by ICH, EMA, ISO 10993, FDA, etc.

Lab Management Software for Mini Pig Providers:

Scispot has become the primary lab management software of choice for numerous modern biotech companies, including mini pig providers

Scispot creates a connected digital replica of these innovative bioscience companies. It centralizes their company-wide data, templatizes routine research and automates non-scientific tasks. It makes other lab software such as electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and lab information management systems (LIMS) redundant.

Mini pig providers use Scispot's operating platform to manage their research projects, inventory, samples, and partners all in one spot. Request a demo to learn how you can accelerate your research using Scispot.

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