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Tired of scavenging through spreadsheets to find your lab samples?

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Tired of scavenging through spreadsheets to find your lab samples?

LIMS are essential for scientists to effectively manage the location of samples to improve lab efficiency. As the life science community advances in their research, many scientists continue to use the same sample management systems of yesteryears. 

Outdated sample management systems have proven time and time again to be inconvenient and frustrating to use. They lack the appeal of visually seeing samples stored across freezer racks, multi-well plates, and boxes in lab space and instead require you to interpret tables after tables of data. Updating the location of your samples is slow and difficult, and connecting your sample and inventory data is near impossible. In environments like these, the eventual blunder of picking up the wrong sample can be disastrous.

Roadblocks and potential lab errors can be thrown to the wayside when using Scispot. Using Scispot’s Location Manager, you can design your personalized location manager by quickly building a digital replica of your lab storage units and consolidating your samples, products, and materials into boxes. Scispot visually displays your products, samples, and materials, and allows you to customize your plates and boxes to your specifications. Color coding is also available for boxes and products, further reducing the chances of lab error. Additionally, Scispot is intuitive from a UX and UI standpoint, making it simple to configure a location manager that scales with your multiple locations of the labs across the world. 

The life science community needs a reliable sample management system that can streamline inventory while allowing it to be personalized and easy to use. Scispot’s Location Manager simplifies the unnecessary loops scientists jump through. Our mission is to reduce the time you spend managing your spreadsheets, and dealing with glitches, allowing you to focus on what makes research fun and exciting.

Scispot is the solution to all your scientific spreadsheet needs. Book a demo with a Scispot team member to learn how we can help you go beyond spreadsheets and make your biotech scaleable.

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