Talk is Biotech Interviews Anton Dormer: Innovation in Biotech & Bioinformatics

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Talk is Biotech Interviews Anton Dormer: Innovation in Biotech & Bioinformatics

In an interview with Talk is Biotech, Anton Dormer, MD, MS, the Chief Scientific Officer of PepVax, Inc., shared his inspiring journey from a medical doctor and lab scientist to a biotech CXO. Anton's story is one of perseverance, innovation, and a deep commitment to empowering bio-entrepreneurs and diversifying the biotech industry. In this blog, we delve into the key aspects of his journey, including his unique business model, the technology behind PepVax, Inc., and his insights on going public via a reverse merger.

Building the Foundation: Overcoming Challenges and Seeking Opportunities

Anton's journey began with a realization that the research environment at his university lacked the necessary support and focus. Determined to make a difference, he sought new avenues and eventually assembled a team of like-minded individuals. The challenges and setbacks he faced, including a funding halt for a crucial grant, only fueled his determination to create something impactful.

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Taking Initiative: Establishing PepVax, Inc.

Driven by a passion to transform research into reality, Anton took the unconventional route of establishing his own biotech company. Through Craigslist, he attracted a team of talented individuals who shared his vision. This diverse team brought together unique skills, forming the foundation of PepVax, Inc.

Securing Resources: Leveraging Bioinformatics and Funding

Access to resources, such as lab space and funding, is crucial in the biotech industry. As a virtual biotech company initially, PepVax, Inc. focused on in silico work and bioinformatics expertise to advance their drug development. In silico work involves the use of computational methods to analyze and interpret biological data, enabling researchers to gain insights into complex biological systems and processes. Bioinformatics, on the other hand, focuses on the development and application of computational tools and algorithms to organize, analyze, and interpret large-scale biological datasets. This approach allowed them to reduce costs and make progress. However, physical lab space and in vivo trials required additional funding.

Fundraising and Setbacks: Lessons Learned

Anton's networking skills and the team's dedication led to securing an initial investor, enabling the establishment of lab space and in vivo trials targeting triple-negative breast cancer. However, they faced a setback when their company's stock was manipulated, leading to regulatory investigations and a halt in trading. Reflecting on this experience, Anton shared valuable insights on due diligence and the potential risks associated with reverse mergers.

Rising from Setbacks: Adapting and Diversifying

Undeterred by the setback, the team at PepVax, Inc. shifted their strategy. Instead of solely focusing on one drug, they decided to license their innovative drug delivery platform. This diversification allowed them to collaborate with industry and academia, opening doors for partnerships and revenue generation. The ability to configure their platform for various diseases created opportunities for start-ups and product enhancement.

Empowering Bio-Entrepreneurs and Inclusion in Biotech

Anton expressed his passion for empowering bio-entrepreneurs and creating an inclusive biotech industry. He shared his vision of building labs close to universities, particularly historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), to provide resources and support for students and faculty. This approach aims to foster innovation and diversity in the biotech field and reduce barriers to entry for individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Anton Dormer's journey from a medical doctor and lab scientist to a biotech CXO highlights the importance of resilience, a strong team, and adaptability in the face of challenges. His experience offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in the biotech industry. Through PepVax, Inc., Anton continues to drive innovation and empowerment, leveraging his unique technology and business model to create opportunities for collaboration and growth. The potential of the biotech industry to transform lives and uplift diverse communities remains at the core of his mission.

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Scispot, applauds Anton Dormer and his remarkable journey in the biotech industry. We fully support initiatives that empower bio-entrepreneurs, foster diversity, and drive innovation in the field. Anton's dedication, resilience, and commitment to creating positive change align with our values and mission. We salute his efforts and celebrate his inspiring journey as he continues to make a lasting impact in the biotech community.

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