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Standardize & Automate your Lab with Scispot’s Labflows

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Standardize & Automate your Lab with Scispot’s Labflows

Every life science company juggles numerous projects, protocols, experiments, material lists, databases, and notes. As scientists and lab operators hop in between various tabs, files, and platforms, human error can only be avoided by workflow standardization. Lab workflow standardization and lab automation have served to eliminate dysfunctional workflows. Standardization of protocols and standard operating procedures is key to streamlining and easily updating your workflows, all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Standardize life science R&D

With Scispot’s Labflows (aka Templates), you can easily build templates for repeatable and reusable protocols, experiments, and workflows. Scispot offers dozens of ready-made editable templates of scientific techniques, such as multi-omics, flow cytometry, in vivo studies, bioprocessing, etc. while also allowing you to create and execute your own templates from scratch while maintaining full version history and audit trail.

Each template contains your task objective,  procedures, needed materials (e.g., inventory, samples, equipment, and animals, etc.) preparation and results tables, all in one place. You can also take notes about the procedural steps within the template to better capture protocol deviations and metadata and make your tasks reproducible.  

Scale up lab operations
As your company grows, the number of procedures you have will expand in turn, making it harder to keep track of when to do what procedure. By using Labflows, you can order procedures to design experiments, and subsequently create entire workflows by ordering your experiments. Updating this workflow is a breeze, as changes to your procedure and experiment order can be done with a simple drag and drop. As easy it is to update your protocols, undoing changes that you have made is even easier. Labflows version history guarantees never losing your old protocols.

By storing and organizing all of your procedures, experiments, workflows, and even notes all in one platform, you can easily access, update your workflows, saving hours of time. Book a product demo to learn how Scispot can standardize and automate your life science R&D workflows and help you scale your company faster.

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