Turn your biostartup into a digital company

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Turn your biostartup into a digital company

I am Guru, CEO of Scispot.io.

We at Scispot™ are on a mission to create a digital life science ecosystem™ by transforming over ten thousand small and medium companies (SMEs) into digital companies by 2025 so that they can collaboratively fight diseases, develop cures, and solve humanity’s biggest problems. Our vision is to empower bioentrepreneurs to start and scale biotech companies irrespective of their location and background.

Imagine going to a bustling ☕ coffee shop and seeing a group of 👨‍🔬bioentrepreneurs conveniently running their 🧬 R&D programs on Scispot.io from their 💻 laptop.

Launching innovative drugs from anywhere you’d like — This is the future we aim to bring about. 🎯

😵 The Problem

Life science SMEs are trying to solve some of this century's biggest problems. However, in most cases they lack the digitization & automation to scale their companies faster. Based on our user research with 100+ biotech executives, most biotech startups lack the digital resources to create a custom digital solution for centralizing their data, automating repetitive tasks, and instantly access partners. As a result, companies spend 40-50% of their time and resources on redundant administrative work that drives up development costs of life-saving and enhancing products astronomically.

👍 Our Solution

Scispot™ offers a 👨🏽💻 no-code digitization and automation suite to life science companies that have limited or no digital resources and expertise. The platform is fully configurable and enables biostartups to set up their digital replica within a few minutes. It digitizes workflows, automates repetitive tasks, and enables instant connection with partners in one spot.

Think of Scispot™ as an "Airtable with a Ph.D."

With Scispot™, SMEs can:

  • Transform their startup into a digital company.
  • Automate their repetitive administrative tasks.
  • Instantly connect with their data, resources, and stakeholders in one spot.

🔎 Common use cases

As a....

  • Biomanufacturing SME, I need to automate bioreactor scheduling and inventory updates.
  • CRO (contract research organization), I need to plan my research experiments (at the desk) and execute them (at the bench).
  • Preclinical CRO, I need to manage 300+ animals and safety studies.
  • Commercial life science lab space, I need to procure and manage resources and enable our resident companies to manage their research project in a regulatory compliant way.
  • Biotech incubator, I need to onboard new resident companies, manage shared lab equipment and track the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Stemcell product manufacturer, I need to execute SOPs (standard operating procedures) and update our product inventory automatically.
  • Virtual biotech company, I need to work collaboratively with multiple academic labs and maintain a full audit trail.
  • Semi-virtual biotherapeutics, I need to manage internal research and resources but also external CROs and partners.

💁‍♂️ Who is it for?

Life science SMEs (< 200 employees). Scispot.io caters to 3 personas of SMEs: 1. the C-suite, 2. the operations head, and 3. the lab scientists at the company.

🔥Schedule a demo

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