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Save hours collaborating with Scispot's new Data Rooms

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Save hours collaborating with Scispot's new Data Rooms

Collaboration is a fundamental part of completing research for life science labs. In 2020 alone, outsourcing accounted for 25-40% of all pharma R&D spending, and is expected to cross 50% in 2023. With data being externalized, distributed, and spread across different multidisciplinary teams, labs, and companies, life science R&D is a team sport, not a solo activity.  It requires collaboration & data transfer among internal and external players. Yet, inconsistent data in collaborative research is an issue for researchers and lab managers alike. The life science technology market is currently lacking a secure way to templatize and share data with others. We are excited to help researchers level up their labs with Labsheet’s new data room feature to improve connectivity in life science.

Many of our clients in biotherapeutics and CRO industry verticals express their struggles with sharing, requesting and receiving samples or results across different their partners, collaborators and vendors. When data suffers from inconsistent formatting, processing your data becomes a long and tedious process. Scispot’s structures the input you receive from your partners, saving time and effort, while allowing you to only give certain people access to your research. By sharing consistent formatting with coworkers, your data is easy to manage, protect, interpret and use. 

Data rooms do not only help with protecting data through request-only access, it shares your own data with multiple partners to improve utilization of data rooms. Tracking data and facilitating reports is demanding when every research partner can have different methods to store data. By standardizing your data reporting through templated data rooms, you can share data in an categorized fashion. Data rooms also let labs to set up automated data cleansing and validation rules to bypass the data processing steps and make your centralized data machine-actionable instantaneously. With this new efficiency, labs can save hours of attempting to pool, organize, analyze and visualize data.

Simplify the strenuous process of sharing data with Scispot’s data rooms. Request a demo here to streamline your workflow like never before.

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