Innovating Biotech Solutions: Top 5 Companies in Davis, CA‍

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Shreya Gupta
Innovating Biotech Solutions: Top 5 Companies in Davis, CA‍

The field of biotechnology continues to advance at an impressive pace, and the city of Davis, CA, is home to a vibrant ecosystem of innovative companies driving this progress. In this blog, we will explore the top 5 biotech companies headquartered in Davis, CA, and their contributions to the industry. From ELISA technologies to Small Molecules, NGS, and CRISPR Cas9, these companies are at the forefront of innovation and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in biotechnology.

Antibodies Incorporated:

Antibodies Incorporated is a leading company specializing in ELISA technology. They offer a wide range of antibodies, assays, diagnostic kits, and development services. Their commitment to high-quality products and services has made them a reliable partner in the field of biotech research and diagnostics.

ARIZ Precision Medicine:

ARIZ Precision Medicine focuses on Small Molecules, delivering precision medicine solutions. Their innovative approaches are revolutionizing the treatment of various diseases, providing targeted therapies that have the potential to transform patient outcomes.


EicOsis is making significant strides in the field of pain management with their research on inhibitors to the soluble epoxide hydrolase. By targeting this enzyme, they aim to develop novel therapies for chronic pain, offering hope to millions of individuals suffering from this debilitating condition.


EXPRESSION SYSTEMS specializes in NGS technologies, specifically Baculovirus Expression. Their expertise in this area enables efficient production of recombinant proteins, opening new avenues for drug discovery, vaccine development, and biologics production.


Novozymes is a pioneer in the field of CRISPR Cas9 technology. Their focus on enzymes and biological reagents has revolutionized genetic engineering and gene editing processes. With their innovative solutions, they are empowering researchers to unlock new possibilities in various applications, from agriculture to healthcare.


The biotech companies in Davis, CA, are playing a pivotal role in advancing the field of biotechnology. Through their expertise in ELISA, Small Molecules, NGS, and CRISPR Cas9 technologies, these companies are driving innovation, developing groundbreaking therapies, and contributing to the overall progress of the industry.

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Embrace the potential of biotechnology and join the ranks of these visionary companies in Davis, CA. Together, let's push the boundaries of what's possible and create a brighter future through biotech innovation.

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