Driving Innovation: Exploring the Top 10 Biotech Companies in Richmond, CA‍

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Driving Innovation: Exploring the Top 10 Biotech Companies in Richmond, CA‍

The biotechnology industry is a hotbed of innovation, and Richmond, CA is home to some of the most remarkable companies pushing the boundaries of scientific advancements. In this blog, we will delve into the top 10 biotech companies headquartered in Richmond, CA, highlighting their contributions to the field and showcasing their innovative approaches to research, development, and product offerings. From pioneering diagnostics to groundbreaking therapies, these companies are at the forefront of driving change and transforming the world of biotechnology.


Bio-Rad is a leading player in the biotech industry, specializing in research and diagnostic products. With a diverse portfolio and cutting-edge technologies, they provide scientists and clinicians with the tools needed for breakthrough discoveries and accurate diagnoses.

Sangamo Therapeutics:

Sangamo Therapeutics focuses on developing biologics and gene therapies. Their innovative approach harnesses the power of gene editing technologies like CRISPR Cas9 to target and modify genetic material, opening new avenues for treating genetic diseases.

Accurus Biosciences:

Accurus Biosciences is dedicated to cellular and antibody services. Their expertise lies in providing high-quality services that support research, development, and production in the biotech field. By offering customized solutions, they enable scientists to accelerate their discoveries.

Aziyo Biologics:

Aziyo Biologics specializes in tissues, allografts, and bioscaffolds. They provide regenerative solutions that aid in the repair and reconstruction of damaged tissues, offering innovative options for patients in need of therapeutic interventions.

BioAge Labs:

BioAge Labs stands out with its computational platform that explores vast datasets to identify molecular factors influencing longevity. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and extensive data analysis, they strive to develop novel interventions that could extend human lifespan.


DiaCarta focuses on molecular diagnostic tests. Their advanced technologies enable accurate and efficient detection of various diseases, empowering healthcare professionals with the necessary tools for precise diagnoses and personalized treatments.

Ekso Bionics:

Ekso Bionics specializes in exoskeleton technology. They design and develop wearable robotic devices that assist individuals with mobility challenges, enabling them to regain or enhance their physical capabilities.


Alstem offers a range of products and services, including IPS generation, cell lines, cytokines, and proteins. Their comprehensive offerings support researchers in diverse fields, aiding in the advancement of scientific discoveries and therapeutic development.

JOINN Biologics:

JOINN Biologics is a biologics CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization). They collaborate with biotech companies to provide end-to-end solutions for the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biologic products.

Promab Biotechnologies:

Promab Biotechnologies specializes in the production of proteins, iPS cells, and kits. They supply researchers with high-quality tools and reagents essential for their experiments and studies, contributing to advancements in the biotech field.


The biotech companies in Richmond, CA are driving innovation and transforming the landscape of healthcare and research. From Bio-Rad's diagnostic breakthroughs to Sangamo Therapeutics' gene editing prowess, these companies are making significant strides in their respective areas. Each of the top 10 companies, including Accurus Biosciences, Aziyo Biologics, BioAge Labs, DiaCarta, Ekso Bionics, Alstem, JOINN Biologics, and Promab Biotechnologies, contributes to the field's progress, offering reliable products, services, and technologies.

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