Driving Biotech Innovation: Exploring Union City's Top 5 Companies‍

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Driving Biotech Innovation: Exploring Union City's Top 5 Companies‍

The field of biotechnology is constantly evolving, driven by innovative companies at the forefront of scientific advancements. In Union City, CA, a hub for biotech innovation, five exceptional companies are making significant contributions to the industry. From pioneering protein expression technology to groundbreaking surgical equipment and innovative biomaterials, let's explore the top 5 biotech companies shaping the future of healthcare and research in Union City.

Celltheon: Revolutionizing Protein Expression Technology

Celltheon leads the way in protein expression technology, offering cutting-edge solutions for efficient protein production. Their expertise facilitates drug discovery and development processes, accelerating research and enabling the creation of novel therapeutics.

FibrAlign: Advancing Biomaterials with Collagen-Based Matrices

FibrAlign specializes in collagen-based matrices that accurately mimic various tissue patterns. These biomimetic matrices find applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug testing, providing researchers and clinicians with valuable tools for studying and treating complex medical conditions.

Mizuho OSI: Enhancing Surgical Procedures with State-of-the-Art Tables

Mizuho OSI is a trusted provider of surgical and hospital tables. Their ergonomic designs prioritize patient comfort while supporting medical professionals during surgeries and medical procedures. Mizuho OSI's innovative tables contribute to improved surgical outcomes and patient care.

OTU Medical: Advancing Endoscopic Instrumentation for Minimally Invasive Procedures

OTU Medical is dedicated to developing consumable endoscopic instruments for urology, pulmonology, and other medical fields. Their precision-engineered instruments enable minimally invasive procedures, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic interventions.

Sepragen: Enabling Efficient Bioprocessing with Chromatography and Bioreactors

Sepragen focuses on chromatography and bioreactors, essential tools for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and biochemical applications. Their advanced technologies facilitate efficient separation and purification processes, ensuring the production of high-quality biopharmaceuticals.


In conclusion, the field of biotechnology is thriving with innovation, and these top 5 companies in Union City, CA are at the forefront of this exciting industry. From groundbreaking therapeutics to advanced diagnostics and game-changing research tools, these companies are driving advancements that have the potential to transform healthcare and improve lives.

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