8 IndieBio backed Industrial Biotech Companies Making a Huge Impact in the Biotech Industry

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8 IndieBio backed Industrial Biotech Companies Making a Huge Impact in the Biotech Industry

Industrial biotechnology is considered one of the most promising approaches in reducing pollution and resource conservation while also being cost-effective.  It is transforming the way we manufacture things by creating novel, sustainable products.

Here are 8 IndieBio companies that are making a huge impact in the biotech industry:


Located in Sunnyvale, CA, NovoNutrients uses its proprietary platform to convert untreated waste emissions of carbon dioxide into low-cost food and feed ingredients by breaking down these molecules with the help of natural microbes.


Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ardra produces natural ingredients using custom biochemical pathways, high-throughput enzyme screening, and metabolic engineering. These ingredients are utilized in the cosmetic, beverage, and pharma industries.


Located in Berkeley, CA, Calyx creates gas sensor platforms that detect airborne chemicals with high sensitivity and specificity. It develops sensor chips designed using bio-materials that bind to specific gas molecules and change color based on types of gases and their concentrations.

Joywell Foods

Located in Davis, CA, creates natural sweeteners using fruit proteins that are designed to provide sweetness without sugar by utilizing fermentation. These sweeteners are low on calories and provide a healthy natural alternative to other products on the market.


Located in San Francisco, CA, michroma produces natural ingredients by combining synthetic biology to unleash the unlimited potential of filamentous fungi. It's first products are stable food colorants which they are prototyping with top food, beverage, and cosmetic companies.


Located in San Francisco, CA, Stämm has developed a bioproduction system tailored to scale up the biotech industry. This modular microfluidic platform controls the physical parameters of a bioreactor in a controlled environment, accelerates optimization and supports modular scaling.


Located in Laramie, WY, AsimicA develops novel technologies to improve biomolecule production efficiency using microbial stem cell technology in the pharma industry. These technologies have the potential to increase the yields of biosynthetic processes by multi-folds.

Lab Management Software for Industrial Biotech compamies: Scispot.io

Scispot has become the primary lab management software of choice for numerous modern biotech companies, including Industrial Biotech companies.

Scispot creates a connected digital replica of these innovative bioscience companies. It centralizes their company-wide data, templatizes routine research and automates non-scientific tasks. It makes other lab software such as electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and lab information management systems (LIMS) redundant.

Industrial Biotech companies use Scispot's operating platform to manage their research projects, inventory, samples, and partners all in one spot. Request a demo to learn how you can accelerate your research using Scispot.

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