5 Innovative Artificial Blood Substitute Companies in the World

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5 Innovative Artificial Blood Substitute Companies in the World

Artificial Blood Substitutes are compounds used to mimic or enhance the functioning of biological blood. These compounds can improve the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells in the blood that can be taken orally or injected intravenously and one day potentially serve as a complete replacement for biological blood.

The artificial blood substitute market is on the rise and is expected to grow by USD 7.23 billion from 2021 to 2025.

Here are some of the most innovative artificial blood substitute companies in the world:

Hbo2 Therapeutics

Located in Souderton, Pennsylvania, HbO2 Therapeutics is a leading developer and manufacturer for oxygen-carrying solutions. A class of drug products, when administered intravenously, increases the amount of oxygen transported throughout the body. HbO2 Therapeutics currently offers two products: Hemopure for use in humans and Oxygobin for veterinary use.


Located in Morlaix, France, Hemarina focuses on the R&D of oxygen carriers for medical purposes. Their proprietary platform is based on studying marine worms that live in extreme environments and their respiratory system. Their lead product HbAm is designed to deliver oxygen safely to the tissues that are at risk 


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Kalocyte is a pre-clinical stage biotech startup company that is developing artificial red blood cell substitutes for trauma care.

Their leading product ErythroMer is nanoparticle-encapsulated human hemoglobin which mimics the oxygen-carrying abilities of red blood cells. It can be freeze-dried for long-term storage and used when red blood isn’t available.

NuvOx Pharma 

Located in Tucson, Arizona, NuvOx Pharma is developing a therapeutic to treat diseases relating to hypoxia. This therapeutic, upon intravenous injection, works by flowing through the bloodstream to the lungs to pick up oxygen and then delivering this to the hypoxic tissues.


Located in Mississauga, Canada, Membio utilizes biomanufacturing to produce blood without a donor. This artificially created blood is pathogen-free, highly compatible with all blood types, and is composed of young cells that last longer in the body, reducing the need for multiple transfusions.

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