10 Innovative Latinx-founded YC Life Sciences Startups

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10 Innovative Latinx-founded YC Life Sciences Startups

Latinx-founded startups are on the rise and growing at an annual rate of 10%. Between 2007 and 2017, Latinx-founded businesses made up about half of the net growth for new small businesses. We at Scispot want to highlight some of these trail-blazing companies and their founders that are innovating in the life sciences industry.

Here are 10 innovative Latinx-founded YC life sciences startups:


Founders: Jose Luis Nuno, Laura M

Located in Jalisco, Unima has developed a low-cost diagnostic and surveillance technology for treating diseases. The company's technology uses big data algorithms to allow doctors, nurses, and health care workers to easily diagnose diseases in a few minutes without using any lab equipment.


‍Founders: Alejandro Abarca-Blanco, Liza Velarde, Juan Felipe Yee

Located in Monterrey, Delee designs high-precision equipment for microfluidics research and an oncology platform that can be used for early cancer detection and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment. The oncology platform finds and collects viable tumor cells from patient blood samples, giving the doctors more information to make more personalized decisions for each patient.


Founders: Monica Berrondo, Susana Kaufmann

Located in Austin, Texas, Macromoltek uses its molecular modeling software to evaluate potential antibody drug candidates. The software can discover antibodies for a single target, map epitopes of antigens, and improve existing antibody structures.


Founder: Ernesto Lujan

Located in Santa Clara, California, dNovo uses direct reprogramming technology to make new stem cells. This solution is used to solve their customers' hair loss problems.


Founder: José M. Mejía Oneto

Located in San Francisco, California, Shasqi uses it's CAPAC (Click Activated Protodrugs Against Cancer) platform for localized drug delivery. The company aims to help patients beat cancer without poisoning their bodies.


Founder: Gabriel Lopez

Located in Berkeley, California, Synvivia develops engineered organisms that can be controlled by protein switches to effectively treat diseases.

Catena Biosciences

Founders: Gregorio (Geo) Guillen, Marco Lobba

Located in Berkeley, California, Catena Biosciences has developed a platform that allows for rapid protein coupling to create novel therapeutics for autoimmune disorders, vaccine development, and oncology.

Endpoint Health

Founders: Matthew De Silva, Diego Rey, Jason Springs & Leonardo Maestri Teixeira

Located in Palo Alto, California, Endpoint Health develops precision therapeutics for patients with immune-driven illnesses. Their goal is to ensure patients receive individualized treatments that can dramatically improve their outcomes.


Founders: Julián Ríos Cantú, Raymundo Gonzalez, Antonio Torres

Located in Mexico City, Eva provides painless, private, and non-invasive breast cancer screening in under 10 minutes using infrared technology. Their state-of-the-art PACS (picture archiving and communication system) can load and view images in less than 10 seconds, allows voice dictation for note-taking, and can easily be accessed from any device.


Founders: Alexander Fisher, Oriana Papin-Zoghbi, Anna Milik Jeter

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, AOA Dx has developed a non-invasive liquid biopsy testing kit that allows for early determination of ovarian cancer that can provide a cost-effective and life-saving diagnosis

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