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Scispot streamlines lab animal management with extensive tools built for effective R&D

We Make Your Vivarium Operations Smarter

We Make Your Vivarium Operations Faster

We Make Your Vivarium Operations Streamlined

An All-In-One Lab and Animal Management Software

“Scispot has been instrumental in elevating our lab’s efficiency. We can now simultaneously manage multiple in vivo experiments, coordinate animal study schedules, and conduct complex animal tracking protocols."

Cody Siciliano

Neuroscientist, Pharmacologist, and Assistant Professor at the Center for Addiction Research at Vanderbilt University

Animal Management

Easily track and manage animal health with real-time alerts for rapid response to ensure high-standards of care.

Vivarium Management

Scispot’s vivarium management software include color-coded calendar views and task management features that facilitate effective collaboration across teams.

Various Study Management

Scispot offers improved management capabilities for a range of animal studies, such toxicity testing, pharmacokinetic studies, efficacy testing and safety pharmacology.

Regulatory Compliance

Remain compliant with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy, and the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

Scispot’s In Vivo Features Have Everything You Need

Streamline Your Workflows

Scispot's platform revolutionizes lab workflows by streamlining animal management processes with efficiency and precision.

Animal Ordering

Use Dynamic Data Analytics

Identify trends, and optimize processes to enhance research outcomes with Scispot's modern data analytics tools.

Survival Analysis
Genotype Analysis
Breeding Performance
Disease Model Study

Automate Your Reporting

Simplify and accelerate the generation of comprehensive reports, data sharing, and facilitating efficient communication in lab animal management.

Animal Use
Health Status
Task Assignments

Experience Advanced Data Visualization

Scispot's data visualization tools facilitate the intuitive representation of complex data sets, enabling labs to gain valuable insights.

Longitudinal Data Tracking
Event Frequency Graphing
Heatmap Generation

Integrate Complex Data and Connect Instruments with our API

Our standard API with consistent schema makes it easy to connect and interpret data from weighing scales, imaging scanners, location and physiological monitoring systems by preprocessing them with JupyterHub